Friday, September 26, 2008

A little girls birthday and a lesson in the price we pay for beauty!

Yesterday was Audra’s seventh birthday. She has been talking about having her ears pierced for almost a year now so we made an agreement on her seventh birthday we would take her to get her ears pierced.
We decided to take her to the pediatrics office because they offer a special type of earring that is plastic and is not suppose to get infected, does not have to be turned, you never need to use alcohol, and only have to leave in for 6 weeks.
We showed up at 9:30AM and Audra sat on the Doctors table full of anticipation and excitement. The Doctor came in and explained to Audra how to care for her earrings once they are in. Still excited and full of anticipation Audra asks the Doctor “Does it hurt.” Of course the doctor could have chosen a number of ways to answer this question for example; no, just a little pinch or just for a quick second you will barely notice, any of these would have sufficed but instead the doctor responds with “Yes it hurts it’s like getting a shot it will hurt for just a short period of time”.
I could not believe my ears; a pediatrician surely knows that children are terrified of shots and yet she still chose to use a shot as an anology to describe the pain!
Audra was now less than excited she was crunching up both shoulders against her ears and had her head tucked as far down as possible. I went over to her and tried to relax her with some reassuring words, I said “don’t worry most people I’ve spoken with say it doesn’t hurt, it feels like a quick pinch and then its over”.
No sooner had I gotten these words out of my mouth and had she started to relax a bit when the doctor piped in “Yes mom it does hurt it is more like a shot and may hurt for a while after ward”. WAS THIS WOMAN TRYING TO SCARE HER?!
Audra was now confused and rethinking the whole ear piercing thing, her shoulders nudged tightly against her ears. The doctor asks her “do we need to rethink this?” I pipe in “We are here to get your ears pierced and we aren’t going to get them done anywhere else so its now or not at all” Audra slowly put her shoulders down, the doctor holds the gun up to her ear and says “I’m just going to put this up to your ear to make sure its in a good position” (the doctor was concerned about how the piercing would turn out because Audra has such tiny ear lobes) Audra got very brave for such a terrified little girl and held on to me with all her might closing her eyes as tight as she could, the doctor says “okay take a deep breath” and shot the gun. Audra jumps from the sound and the earring is in….. but wait the back didn’t go on the stud. The doctor fidgets with her tiny ear lobes to get the back on the stud and finally one ear down one more to go.
The next ear went much smoother; Audra still clutched to both my arms and buried her head into my chest. POP! The gun went off and WALLA, it was done! A beautiful little girl now with two beautiful diamond looking plastic stud earrings.

We left the office and went home deciding the science museum we had planned for today was not within reasonable driving distance.
When we got home Audra was eager to open her presents, but she knew she had to wait until her dad got home. Audra is in a stage right now where she is into all things science and she was just praying and hoping that she got something science. All I heard for the next few hours was “when is daddy going to be home” “I wish daddy would hurry up and get home” “can I call daddy”.
I was reaching my wits end, It was 90 degrees outside on this beautiful Fall day and was starting to bake inside the house, I had a seven year old that was growing more impatient by the minute, and we where all hungry, so we decided to get out for a while to get our minds off things. We went to daddys work to pick up his check and then I took the girls to grab a bite of their favorite food in the world….pizza.
When we got home time had flown by and daddy arrived soon after. Before he could walk in the door Audra realized he was home and stood at the top of the stairs holding a present in her hands, ready to open it. She got to open all her presents and they were all science projects, she was thrilled!
We went to see Igor at the movie theater and when we got home Daddy, Audra, and Bethany made the Carnivorous Green house she received as a present, it then went into the fridge where it will stay for 8 weeks so it can germinate…see you in November!
All in all it was a good day. I can’t believe how fast Audra is growing up; she is already seven years old! She is doing great in school; she has lots of friends, and cares so deeply for her family. She knows Christ and sometimes I find her reminding me of how god wishes us to live our lives. She is very responsible and well beyond her years. It is such a gift watching her grow into a beautiful, well rounded, young lady!

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